Natasha Mistry
Artist & Painter


b. 1986, HK.

about Natasha

Natasha Mistry creates colourful abstract oil paintings, watercolour paintings, collages, and black and white ink drawings. Natasha's paintings are lively and playful, yet meditative in their complexity. Her drawings however, are more contained, and clearly graphic, sometimes minimalist, and esoteric, in nature. Natasha often leaves her work untitled, in order to let the viewer experience the painting through their own eyes.

Artist Statement

“My motivation to paint, comes from a compulsive, expressive, sacred and playful drive. I’m unquestionably process driven, and rarely attached to the outcome. I have a deep fascination by the inner experience, the unconscious mind; the entire universe, from the micro to the macrocosm. There are incredible geometric patterns in nature, meditation and consciousness. Everything is interconnected when you really start looking.

My paintings are untitled, abstract expressions of colour mixed with emotion. Each work, painted intuitively, each one it’s own unique adventure on canvas. Every painting is an invitation for the viewer to interpret what they see. I feel that my paintings should be ‘experienced’, not just simply looked at. People see all sorts of things in my work. I enjoy that.

My drawings, are as Carl Jung stated about his own, “cryptograms concerning the state of self,” which is “presented to me anew, each day.”


Although half-Indian, Natasha, naturally started drawing and painting mandalas, with no prior knowledge of what they were. Native art was later, a big influence. Living in South Korea for many years, (including a small Island which still practices shamanic rituals) and travelling to India, China, Japan, South America and the USA, she noticed similar patterns and symbols in paintings and mandalas from these places; especially in temples.

She concluded, that the mandala was a symbol of wholeness and our place within the universe. A cosmic diagram, that reminds us of our connection to ourselves, and the infinite. She also agreed with Jung, that we must share a collective unconscious.

Relishing travel, Natasha has exhibited her work across the globe; from mainstream art galleries in London and South Korea to far-flung places, deep in the Amazon Jungle.

Natasha's work is featured in corporate and private collections around the world: from Canada, The USA & The UK to Spain, France, Italy and South Korea. She has notable celebrity collectors such as BBC 1's 'Strictly Come Dancing's' Flavia Cacace, entertainment entrepreneur & film producer Kit Hawkins, screenwriter and film producer Meg Leonard, and film/TV actor & chef Jimi Mistry.

Natasha has worked with a variety of clients from Cobra Beer (Cobra Vision Short Film Awards), Drop Music – Inland Knights (The Pollination EP), Ernst and Young, Westminster Council, Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art and Ravensthorpe Primary School. 

Serving several exciting, formative years as an arts educator in South Korea, Natasha took great pride creating and implementing a groundbreaking art syllabus for 4–12 years old Korean children.

Natasha now lives, and works in her studio, in Boulder Colorado, but makes frequent trips home to the UK.



2000 BTEC Diploma in Art & Design, Grantham College, UK
2003 BA Hons – Fine Art Painting, Manchester School of Art, UK


Painting Exhibitions (SOLO)

2005 Recent Work – Cha Cha Cha, Muswell Hill, London, UK

2006 Recent Work – The New Players Theatre, Villiers St, London, UK

2012 Meditate – Damwhahun Gallery, Jeju Island, South Korea 

2017 Too Sweet – The Sugar Gallery, Boulder, CO, USA

2017 Flow – The Sugar Gallery, Boulder, CO, USA

2018 Mandala – The Sugar Gallery, Boulder, CO, USA

2018 Black or White – The Sugar Gallery, Boulder , CO, USA


Painting Exhibitions ( GROUP & International)

2012 Byeol Byeol Nara – Yeoncheon Art Gallery, South Korea

2012 Dreamphia  –  The Asian-Pacific City Summit – Pohang, South Korea

2014 Codigo – San Roque – “The Amazon Rainforest” Peru 

2015  Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair – Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, UK

2015 Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair – The Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

2016 "In&콩" – Seomyeon, Busan, South Korea

2016 BMOCA Open Wall –  Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO, USA

2018 Community Hang – Madelife, Boulder, CO, USA


artist Residency Programmes

2014 Sachaqa Centro de Arte, San Roque, The Amazon Rainforest, Peru 

2015 Ravensthorpe Primary School, Cambridgeshire, UK

2016 Ravensthorpe Primary School, Cambridgeshire, UK

2016 Olive Retreat, Andalusía, Spain

2018 Resident artist at Artworkspace, Boulder, Co


Teaching Experience

St Paul American International School, Haeundae-Gu, South Korea

2013–2016 Fine Arts Teacher, Curriculum Developer



Natasha Mistry

Paintings & Drawings

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