Natasha Mistry
Artist & Painter

Natasha's Processes


About Natasha's Processes.


There are no limits when it comes to creativity, and so Natasha believes that she does not need to keep to one style, one way, one medium. Instead, she choses to explore whatever she can, whenever she can.

Oil paintings lead Natasha into her Unconscious mind. She enjoys that exploration of tapping into intuition and inner knowing - and getting away from conscious thoughts. These type of oil paintings draw themselves without planning. they are slow and grow organically. They paint themselves.

Natasha also paints using a process explored in Jungian psychology called “Active Imagination” - achieving a state of hypnagogia - whereby dreams reveal symbols in the moments between sleep and wakefulness. 

Ink drawings & mandalas lead her into meditation, and again accessing other areas of the mind - the subconscious, the superconscious.

Natasha’s Watercolour Birds are simply a way for her to express her joy. These are made by placing soaking & bleeding tissue paper down onto the paper, and peeling off like a print. Occasionally she adds a hint of gouache paint.

Her Mixed media canvases  are a way of expressing childlike curiosity,  Spontaneity, play, energy, and again following her intuition. The acrylic, wax, and other mediums dry fast, allowing fast decisions and energy to move quickly.

Expressive Inks - are a way for her to tap into that feeling of Spontaneity, energy, and freedom.

To summarize: Natasha’s art is made to access different areas of her psyche, to express feelings and to explore both inner and outer worlds.